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ui design

high-fidelity mockups . final design

I am a PX . UX . UCD . UI Designer Specialist . SaaS . Web . Native . Mobile . SPA Design

An Evolved Product Owner . UX Mobile Designer . SaaS Specialist . SaaS Subscription / Transactional . flexbox, CSS3 html5 expert.
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Adobe CC 2017
Adobe XD
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Web Developer
Visual Studio ( Current )
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Xcode - UI vCurrent
Android- vSnowflake -.0
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jquery Mobile ui

Portfolio Summary

Advanced PX / UX / UCD / UI mobile first mentality for Enterprise SaaS / DaaS applications / media publishing for web / native design using heuristic UX data points discovery. Conception, creation using building concepts with whiteboarding, wireframe, view flow layouts, Adobe Xd, Sketch with application URL prototyping. high-fidelity mockups for final design for desk, mobile, tablet / ipad and large format UI.

PX ( Personalized Experience ) from pixels to people,...understanding of human vision, intellect, memory, hand / eye motor fatigue - view point obstructions - centralized primary and view point ( workspace ) navigations - analyze HCI methods and concepts for creating intuitive precognitive user-centered interactions and design - showing the right information at the right time.

Designs, styles, devices and interaction expectations evolve, you must evolve as well to forecast the future UX and UCD - Mobile-Commerce - Material Design and Flat design - Wearable UX / UI - M-payment - M-Control - Mobile mentality - touch first behavioral insights.

Designing for mobile is easy, defining Big Data UX with mobile mentality for SaaS / DaaS enterprise applications takes experienced data point analysis.

UX Discovery

Completely re-accessing the UX / user interface(s) application usability and functionality with legacy or from scratch applications to achieve seemingly effortless UX / UI interactions. There is a expected UX hierarchy for every app, and i will find them :)

I consolidate, simplify and arrange the user experience navigation, interaction data points and user control to a precognitive UX / UI state to achieve a fatigueless user experience. You will actually feel mentally and physically better after using an app that the user experience has been diligently discovered.

Responsible for the discovery of UX / UI app data point requirements, expected user interactions including UX / UI project scope, whiteboarding, wireframing, digesting primary data point requirements, application ui assets - imagery, HTML5, CSS3( if needed ), management of UI function including UX / UI follow through to local or off-shore dev teams.

Managed Project and UX Team Collaboration

Experienced in managing, cultivating and evolving legacy / startup pre-established branding, visual and interaction design for complex enterprise applications suites ( SaaS tools ). Analyzing difficult design problems to solve viable long-term UI visions for the SaaS product designs and iterations.

Working both independently and in conjunction with Team sets - UX researchers, conducting UX research, upper management, end users, IA's, BA's, project managers and product owners for application requirements, discovery processes, and to ensure an accurate understanding of UX accountability of all research and analysis activities.

Provided expert consultation to upper management and the project teams on UX functional technical approaches and coach less-experienced engineering and design staff on the modern practice of UX design interactions.

Strong project management experience (problem solving, communication, attention to detail, and task follow-up) with estimating resources, schedules, and issues for new or extended features and initiatives.

Strong analytical and leadership skills with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Realizing the strategic corporate goals and provides innovative web / native solutions to achieve those goals.

Project(s) Orchestration and Processes

Developed coding standards and practices for the IT department to increase productivity, production and to standardize coding practices.

Gathering, writing, and discovery of requirements and developing innovative solutions to software design challenges.

UX / UI ( agile, scrum method ) conception, creation, conversion, integrating, code management, project sprints, code modeling and quality. Don't only maintain, build new features and products!

Orchestrating with a team of designers, producer(s), project manager(s), and developers to set application deliverables.

Expert HTML and CSS experience - css / html ui Model. - conversion and multi integration.

Javascript and jQuery; other frameworks ( in regards to setting client side user experience functionality ) with light core ready jQuery shorthand for prototyping designs.

Teaming up with function developers to review and optimize code functionality and user interactivity in the front end. Formatting programming user interfaces and performance debugging in code creating.

Project Guidelines / Standards

UX / UI Design and Rapid Prototyping SaaS / Social / file management - Native / web apps

Visual style guidelines (colors, typefaces, sizes, icons, etc)

Branding guidelines (logos, colors, messaging, etc)

Persona / demographic targeting, View layout guidelines

CSS guidelines / standards, JS guidelines / standards, Use cases, scenarios

Accessibility issues, Usability issues

IA path flows, Wireframe components

Rollin with the Team-sets

Taking pride in product design with constant improvements on design and user experience.

Thinking outside of the mobile / SaaS ui box, the ability to distill business requirements and UCD into an actionable project plan.

A proven track-record in delivering engaging SaaS web based and native OS interfaces.

Diligent, goal-oriented work ethic and the ability to mentor the creative and dev teams.

A strong visual UCD portfolio with focus on UX interactive application development.

Positive attitude and a contagious personality :)

Great BBQ sauce recipes and bbqing preparation techniques.

Web / Native Imagery Assets

From paper, digi sketch to line art/bit map creation implementing web standards including graphic sizes, optimization techniques, color coordination, color theory, sensory design, typography, layout and iconography.

Formatting, html5, CSS3, FlexBox

ALL HAND CODED HTML5 and CSS3. html conversion, html optimization and cross browser compatibility testing.

Software Experience / Skillset

fluent Adobe CS6 suite, markup language CSS3, HTML5 tableless layout.

Why? Modular CSS | Perfect UI Management - Expert UI Modeler

Reduced development time

Using CSS / html frameworks, standard classes and other modular CSS tools keeps you from having to re-invent the wheel every time you start a new web application or portal. By using your own tried and true CSS classes, you spend less time testing and tweaking in different browsers.

Reduced maintenance time

When your style sheets include broad, reusable classes that work anywhere on your web application or portal, you don't have to come up with new styles when you add new content. Also, when your CSS is lean and well organized, you spend less time tracking down problems in your style sheets when browser bugs pop up.

Easier maintenance for others

In addition to making maintenance less time-consuming for you, well-organized CSS and smartly named classes also make maintenance easier for developers who weren't involved in the initial development of the style sheets. They'll be able to find what they need and use it more easily. UI frameworks also allow people who are not as familiar with your website to update it easily without breaking ui rendering.

More design flexibility

Frameworks and layout grids make it easy, for instance, to switch between different types of layout on different web application or portal or to plug in different types of content on a single page. CSS / html modular layout systems keep your production on time, fast to market and costs less because your css / html is reusable.

More consistent design

By reusing the same classes and avoiding location-specific styling, you ensure that all elements of the same type look the same throughout the portal or application. Ui model frameworks provide even more insurance against design inconsistency.

Smaller file sizes

When all of the content across your application is styled with only a handful of app wide CSS base classes, rather than an array of CSS IDs that only work on single document objects of content on web application or portals, your CSS will have fewer redundant lines of code and can be reused.

Avoid Frameworks that don't offer a ui model

Most major frameworks( e-commerce, blogs, CMS, ) have bad CSS / html reusability, as in most cases they partially dynamically produce inline style, instead of switching out class's to change the visuals or functionality of a document.

UI management is easy with a ui model

If your back end framework provider doesn't have a ui model attached or offered and a separate product, stay clear of a purchase as you will soon see css / html management will crush your final product. - separation of concerns, if you need to have a programmer to change ui markup because of markup embedding you are being deceived and not optimized for parallel development.

Professional History

UX / PX SaaS DaaS - Mobile - Designer Specialist - Usability . Product Owner.

  • SmartLinx - Los Angeles CA
  • 04/2016 - 04/2018

Organized and planned discovery processes and discovery points with multiple teams that included BA and data analysis team sets to discover and define the user experience for their "core HR enterprise application" - physical processes include UX analysis, research through team meetings, whiteboarding, wireframing, prototyping, final designs iterations and style conversion, integration into existing Ui framework.

UX / UCD Designer Specialist - RPR Admin / HR Admin - SaaS - Usability Expert.

  • LAdbs ( Department of Building and Safety ) - Los Angeles CA
  • 01/2015 - 04/2016

Was responsible for the UX / UI and data points discovery for the creation of their internal ( RPR ) residential property report admin and their HR admin enterprise software applications - this included white boarding, wireframes and application prototyping to final design mocks.

UX / UCD Designer Specialist - domestic and international - MMS - SaaS - Usability Expert.

  • WarnerBros Studios - on lot - Olive St, Burbank CA
  • 06/2014 - 01/2015

Defining WB's new GEMS ( Global Executive Movie System ) formally ( Movie Management System ) which is used to allocate WB's movie release dates and a interactive scheduling calendar with advanced cross data analysis in a advanced calendar UI.

UX / UI Designer Specialist - SaaS - Usability Expert

  • Honda - Torrance CA
  • 02/2014 - 06/2014

Developing Honda's enterprise web based parts allocation and vendor management system for Honda parts assets for all divisions.

UX Designer / UI Modeler Specialist - SaaS UX Designer / Modeling - Usability Expert.

  • Experian - Costa Mesa CA
  • 01/12 - 01/2014

Developing next generation rapid data entry and rapid data view reporting SaaS application interface(s) for Experian's consumer and business data applications.

Conceived, realized, consolidated, the user experience UX / UI web based and native app interfaces by simplifying and decongesting the expected end user layout and interactions, setting all functional user interactions on the client side as defined by my new user interaction specs.

Webware UI/UX Designer - Rapid, Portable Prototyping - UI Assembly Modeling - Usability Expert

  • itSol, Inc CA -
  • 10/09 - 11/11

Creating, converting and integrating company portals ui including imagery hand coding advanced CSS and html integrating into CMS /SEO system for live production.

Analyzing business requirements, Creating wire frames and hybrid mockups for a new leads management system (LMS). Creating the visuals and end user interaction for user experience as well as converting CSS/ html into the projects code base.

Webware UI/UX Expert Designer - Portable xHTML/CSS2 UI Assembly - Web 2.0+ - Usability Master

  • Mediachase, CA
  • 10/08 - 09/09

Developing the UI model and user experience for the companies e-commerce ui platform. Includes construction and evaluation of user requirements and integrating into the source code base.

Master UI Web App UX + Web 2.0 graphics - Usability / xHTML-CSS2 Hand Coder

  • greensherpa, CA
  • 02/08 - 10/08

Developing UI user experience for the companies personal money management application includes creating conceptualizing and converting UI into the project face. Also managing project task requirements with programmers and coding best practices.

UI Web App/Social Networking UX + Web 2.0 graphics - Usability / xHTML-CSS2 Hand Coder

  • blaze Media Networks Inc, CA
  • 10/07 - 02/08

Creating and construction of the companies, social video portal using a ui model and new videos placement layout methods and widgets.

Sr. Interface Designer Web App/Social Networking UI + Web 2.0 - Usability / xHTML-CSS2 Code Expert

  • StreamCast Networks Inc, CA - Morpheus P2P software
  • 01/07 - 09/07

Reconstructed desktop application UI and merged the visual requirements from the desktop application ui into a web based music store interface. Development process includes UI recognition an or recreation for the primary application and exercising web based best practices throughout the application development.

Senior Web Designer/UI Dev - Usability Design/HTML-CSS2 Code Expert

  • Bullet Technologies, CA
  • 09/05 - 12/06

Senior Web Designer/Developer III - Usability Design/HTML Code Expert

  • WEBCO Marketing, CA
  • 09/04 - 09/05

Lead Web/PRINT Designer - HTML design, Packaging and Ad design.

  • Smart Health, CA
  • 09/03 - 09/04

CDO Web Designer/Developer - HTML/XHTML Specialist/Multimedia

  •, CA
  • 07/02 - 09/03

Senior Web Designer/Developer - Usability Design/HTML Code Expert

  • E-Babylon Ventura, CA
  • 08/01 - 07/02

Lead Web Designer/Developer - HTML Code Specialist/Multimedia

  • WebRadio (GEO Interactive) Woodland Hills, CA
  • 7/00 - 8/01

Head Web Designer/Developer Integrator - Usability Design

  • Cyber Merchants Exchange Pasadena, CA
  • 3/00 - 7/00

Senior Web Designer/HTML Code Specialist/Multimedia - Usability Expert

  • National Telemedia Calabasas, CA
  • 5/98 - 3/00

Senior Web Designer/Developer - HTML Code Specialist

  • AVN Inc. Van Nuys, CA
  • 7/97 - 5/98

Lead Web Designer/Developer - Usability

  • Phase 1 Graphics Inc. Chatsworth, CA
  • 10/96 - 7/97

Web Designer/Developer - web site submittal

  • Internet Opportunities Woodland Hills, CA
  • 1/96 - 10/96

Web Designer - web site design

  • Freelance
  • 3/94 - 1/96